Dan Hon’s post is the standout read in today’s list, talking about humanist technologists. I can’t get the following line out of my head, “If technology is the solution to human problems, we need to do the human work to figure out and agree what our problems are and the kind of society we want.” Given the scale and variety of our problems today, can we honestly say that we’re tackling them in compelling ways? I’m not so sure.


No one’s coming. It’s up to us..
Dan Hon’s post is an adaptation of their talk, We Are The Very Model Of Modern Humanist Technologists. It’s a wonderful long(ish) read.

Beyond the Tablet: Seven Years of iPad as My Main Computer.
On the day of Apple’s WWDC keynote, I found this to be a well considered and thoughtful essay on the iPad.

For the past seven years, I’ve considered the iPad my main computer. Not my only one, and not the most powerful one I own, but the computer which I use and enjoy using the most.

Looking forward to seeing what Apple shares with us later today. I’m crossing my fingers for further improvements for the iPad Pro in the next version of iOS.

Why being new can be empowering and not terrifying.

Congratulations on your new job! You’re likely meeting heaps of new people, putting your dog’s photo on your desk, and you’re at inbox zero (good luck making it last).

Sound familiar? It does to me because I recently joined Intercom.

So did I!

A week into my new role at Intercom I can say that it’s been one of the best onboarding experiences I’ve ever had. The teams I have met took the thoughts in this post to heart, and it’s made for a wonderful first week.

Are you the product manager you really want to be?.

A visual framework to evaluate your current job responsibilities to help you become more strategic about your next career move.

Exploring Uncertainty with Kent Beck.

Kent Beck is a third-generation geek. His grandfather was a radio geek, his father, an electrical engineer, moved to Silicon Valley in the 60s, and Kent and his father built their first personal computer together. He’s the creator of Extreme Programming, alphabetically the first signer of the Agile Manifesto and most recently helped Facebook scale their engineering organization from 700 to 5,000 people.

The 5 Must-Have Qualities Of The Modern Employee.

There is a huge focus on managers and leaders transforming for the future of work. It is not just managers that need to adapt and evolve to the changing workplace; it’s also the non-managerial employees. Dramatic changes in the way we work are being fueled by new behaviors and new technologies. In fact, there are five trends which are shaping the future of work. To keep pace there are five qualities that the modern employee needs to possess.

The user experience of choosing the simplest possible words.

Are you creating a “cross-channel conversational engine powered by machine-learning technology”, or simply “a chatbot that learns with the users”?

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