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Good reads #4: Amazing Product talks, decision making, leadership skills, and dunking on Jack Dorsey.


Loads of great Product Management reads this week (amazing talks, making decisions, leadership), as well as some Schadenfreude for Jack Dorsey’s awful, awful interview.


7 Years of Amazing Product Talks by Martin Eriksson.
If this is the only link you click on today, it’ll be worth it. The list is AMAZING. There are loads of talks on a wide range of topics, and it’s great to see some of my faves made the list. Take a few minutes to flick through and make your own downtime playlist 😉

Make Smart(er) Decisions And Avoid Bad Ones on the Farnam Street blog.
We talk about how to make good decisions a lot at work. It comes up often. Second order thinking, analysis paralysis, mitigating biases, decision trees, decision matrices.. we’re not short of theory! This post on the Farnam Street blog is excellent. Not only does it talk about the process of decision making in some detail, it links to lots and lots of resources to elaborate on the topic. If you’re looking for a primer to examine the way that you and/or your team make decisions, this is definitely for you.

What I Wish I’d Known as a First-Time Manager by Anna Goldfarb.
I’m collaborating on a project to examine our company’s values. It’s exhilarating. One of the thought spirals I’ve happily followed as a result of this is thinking about the role of managers as representatives of our values, but also more broadly about what ‘a good manager’ is.

This post, looking at the experience of 10 people going into management for the first time, is a wonderful summary of the things that are important.. and that people often lose sight of.

One Product Manager, Four Teams? by John Cutler.
The first of two posts made by John in today’s round up. he’s getting a lot of love this week! It was Valentine’s Day this week, after all. In this post John talks about something I’ve long thought about as well.. scaling up Product Management teams. We’ve probably all seen this done badly before, and probably experienced it ourselves. I certainly have. In this post, John argues for newcomers and junior Product people to apprentice with an experienced PM.

What we learned from Kara Swisher’s brutal interview with Jack Dorsey by Matthew Hughes.
Oh my god. Did you see this? The interview with Jack Dorsey was conducted on Twitter and was a train wreck. The Next Web say it better than I can, so click through and experience the Schadenfreude.


This tweet by John Cutler.
John was thinking about the different kinds of team and individual ‘mandates’ we have when we build products and features. Are we building something that’s highly prescriptive, or are we building something with very long term, open ended goals? That kind of thing. I found it really interesting and ended up writing “Thoughts on needs resulting from individual team mandates” to share my thoughts.

This tweet by Dom Goodrum.
Transparency from Stripe on employee satisfaction. Fantastic to see this kind of thing shared publicly. I bet their jobs site has never felt as much love as it did this week!